Production philosophy of San Paolo wines

The Production of San Paolo Wines

To get a good natural wine you it is necessary to start from a good base, which is quality grapes.
The wines of San Paolo Agricultural Company are produced only with grapes from family-owned vineyards located in Castelfranco Emilia, in the province of Modena.


We hand-harvest the grapes in order to select and protect the best characteristics of the fruit and to avoid any alterations or inconsistencies in the final product.

White Wines

For our white wines the grapes are pressed softly, with the free-running must then brought into fermentation in temperature-controlled steel tanks. This slow process results in a good extraction of polyphenolic substances.

Red Wines

For our red wines, we crush and then macerate the grapes. We then pump the must in temperature-controlled tanks for periods of time which vary according to the type of grape and the wine desired.


Maceration, besides extracting color, produces phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins and tannins, as well as aromatic, nitrogenous, pectin and mineral substances, which contribute favorably to the aroma and flavor of the wine.

The importance of the Roots in our Tradition

We strongly believe in the preservation of tradition. Our production philosophy for all San Paolo Agricultural Company sparkling wines is to preserve the traditional method of naturally fermenting the flavors inside the bottle.


This is a choice that allows us to obtain, after a long “Sur lie” stay in the bottle, a wine with unique organoleptic characteristics, with a distinct personality and low sulfur dioxide content (sulphites).


At the end of the re-fermentation, the yeast residues give rise to a characteristic sedimentation, defined as “fondo” (bottom or ground) in the common language, which constitutes an increasingly appreciated particularity.


At this point we choose from two paths for our sparkling wine, the first choice is to leave the characteristic sedimentation on the bottom of the bottle and in particular we do this for the Lambrusco. The second choice is to use a technique called “dégorgement à la volée”, which allows us to make the wine clean through a mechanical action without the need to freeze the neck of the bottle.


Moreover, for still wines, both white and red, we use various aging and maturation techniques, from the simple stainless steel tank to the classic Barrique or state-of-the-art, customized ceramic tanks.