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SABA is an ancient product of the Modena peasant tradition, the result of a very long cooking of the must, in our case made of Trebbiano Modenese grapes only, born as a natural sweetener when refined sugar did not exist yet.
It is traditionally used for the preparation of typical sweets like sabadoni, Christmas panettone or to enrich cakes and biscuits, perfect on toasted polenta.
In the summer, added to water, it becomes an excellent thirst-quenching drink, or an excellent syrup for granita or for a cream-flavored or whipped cream-flavored ice cream.


The Trebbiano grapes are harvested manually at the end of September when they are at their peak of ripeness.
Once in the cellar, they are pressed in whole bunches and the obtained must is cooled and decanted, then, once racked, it is cooked in steel tanks over direct heat and concentrated by water evaporation after a slow cooking (it usually reduces by 2/3). Saba is then ready.

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