Pignoletto Modena Doc Frizzante



75cl Bottle

Type of Wine

Sparkling White


Castelfranco Emilia - Modena


100% Grechetto Gentile


Aromas of white and yellow pulp fruit and delicate flowers


Soft and harmonious

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Data Sheet

Full Name Pignoletto DOC Modena Frizzante Secco
Denomination Pignoletto DOC Modena
Production Method Bottle re-fermented
Year 2016
Grape Variety 100% Grechetto Gentile
Plant Density 1650/ha
Breeding Form GDC
Annual Production 4000 bottles
Alcohol content 11,5% VOL
Total Acidity 6 g/l
Sugar Residue 6 g/l
Serving Temperature optimal at 8°C

The Grechetto Gentile grapes are rigorously hand selected and harvested to preserve the quality of the bunch.

The bunches are harvested within the first ten days of September to preserve the acidity of the grapes.

Once harvested, the whole bunches are taken to the wine cellar and inserted directly into the press to be processed.

We carry out a soft pressing to maintain the structure of the grape seeds and to avoid crushing the stalks, a method that allows us to obtain a high quality free-run must.

Land Features

Our Grechetto Gentile vineyard was planted in 2003.

It extends over 3 hectares, located on the plain between Castelfranco Emilia and San Cesario sul Panaro, in the south of Via Emilia, not far from Modena.

The rows have been planted maintaining a north-south orientation, to maximize the exposure of the fruit to the sun.

The characteristics of the soil are typical of the Modena area, which is clay-loam soil, with a good availability of water and organic substances.

It is the ideal soil for the cultivation and production of grapes that will produce very fresh and extracted wines.

Vinification Method

The must is left to settle for a whole night, before starting the fermentation.

The fermentation of the must takes place at a controlled temperature, so that the polyphenols can be well extracted.

After the fermentation, in the winter we carry out various decantations, avoiding any type of filtration to keep the quality of the wine high, a fundamental activity in preparation for the bottling.

When spring arrives, with the April moon, it gets bottled to obtain a natural re-fermentation in the bottle, with the secondary fermentation and slow aging on its own yeasts.

After 15 months of aging, the yeasts are removed by “dégorgement”, or disgorgement.
It is carried out by placing the bottle down on its tip and then disgorging à la Volée without freezing the bottle neck.

Gastronomic Combinations

Our Pignoletto Modena Doc Frizzante is a very versatile wine, perfect for a good aperitif.

It goes well with egg-based appetizers, young cheeses and cold cuts.

It can also be paired with vegetable sauce risottos, with fish-based first courses, such as noodles with salmon or spaghetti with clams in white sauce, with white meat and with fish dishes, both in the oven and grilled.

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