LUNA NERA Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC



75cl Bottle

Type of Wine

Sparkling Red


Castelfranco Emilia - Modena


100% Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro


Intense, vinous, with notes of citrus and ripe red fruit


Dry, firm, rich on the palate, with balanced tannins

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Technical Sheet

Denomination Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC
Production Method Bottle re-fermented Ancestral Method
Year 2016
Grape Variety 100% Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro
Plant Density 2030/ha
Breeding Form GDC
Annual Production 1200 bottles
Alcohol content 12% VOL
Total Acidity 6 g/l
Sugar Residue 0 g/l
Serving Temperature Optimal at 10°C

Our Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes are manually harvested by selecting only the best grapes.

The harvest takes place within the last ten days of September, so that the grapes can reach an optimal ripeness, both of the pulp and of the skins.

Once they arrive in the wine cellar, the Lambrusco grapes are pressed and de-stemmed so that the seeds do not alter the must.

Once the maceration period is over, the must is drained by means of the soft press, which separates the liquid part from the grape marcs, and then returns to the wine cellar to carry out the first fermentation.

Land Features

Our Lambrusco Grasparossa vineyard was planted in 2001.

It is located in the province of Modena, between Castelfranco Emilia and San Cesario sul Panaro, south of Via Emilia.

The rows have been oriented from north to south, so that the vines can have an optimal sun exposure.

The vineyard’s type of soil is clay-loam, characterized by a good availability of water and organic substances.

Vinification Method

After the maceration on the skins, we carry out the fermentation of the must, strictly at a controlled temperature.

This process allows a better polyphenol extraction.

We do not wait for the natural fermentation to end; it is interrupted so that the must can maintain a significant sugar residue.

It is then directly bottled, so that a second natural re-fermentation takes place directly in the bottle, following the dictates of the “Ancestral Method”.

The fermentation inside the bottle produces the froth and the slow aging on its own yeasts, without opening it for 15 months.

However, it is a wine that, thanks to the presence of yeasts inside the bottle, continues to evolve over time, revealing increasingly complex characteristics.

Gastronomic Combinations

Our Lambrusco Grasparossa Luna Nera is a soft and harmonious wine, which goes well with appetizers based on cured meats, aged or blue cheeses.

It is also remarkable if enjoyed together with an excellent plate of tortellini, pumpkin tortelli, typical Emilian dishes.

It goes very well even with second courses such as stews, roasts and grilled meat.

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