Azienda Agricola San Paolo

Chef Alice Colombari

I was born and raised in Castelfranco Emilia with a passion for cooking from an early age, starting first in the home kitchen until I decided to make it my job.

After graduating from the B.Scappi Hotel Institute in Castel San Pietro Terme, I decided to move to the Netherlands and more precisely to Groningen where I opened my restaurant.

A lot of energy and a lot of determination dedicated to my business, to get the recognition as “the best Italian restaurant in Holland”

But my heart knew that sooner or later I would return to my land, to continue cultivating my passion, so much so that I also received the “Ambassador of Traditional Tortellino di Castelfranco Emilia” recognition in the Netherlands.

Now my adventure continues here, at the Agriturismo San Paolo where I will bring all my experience and passion for the products of my land.

The search for raw materials
is our priority

Una selezione legata strettamente al territorio modenese che vanta eccellenze a livello mondiale. Tra cui una parte realizzata direttamente da noi, come l’Oro Nero di Modena (Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale) e i nostri vini. Parmigiano Reggiano prodotto da una Azienda Agricola a due passi, frutta e verdura esclusivamente di stagione e molto altro.

The philosophy of remembrance

All the dishes we prepare have a very strong link with tradition, but offered in a more modern light without ever departing from the culture of our territory
A culture rooted in time, handed down from generation to generation and which has always had the courage to reinvent and renew itself.

This is precisely the philosophy of the dishes on offer, the one you can taste within a menu that will vary according to the season and the availability of ingredients.

The menu consists of two proposals: the paper and the tasting menu.
The dishes range from the great traditional classics, the Traditional Tortellino of Castelfranco Emilia in capon broth to be mentioned, to other studied and tested dishes.

The sheet of each bite of pasta that customers can taste is exclusively rolled with a rolling pin as it was once done and as we must never forget to do.

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