Azienda Agricola San Paolo

The family

We are Alessandro and Patrizia and we manage the SAN PAOLO farm together with our family.

In the company we take care of all the activities of the cellar, from the planting of the cuttings to the marketing.

In particular, Alessandro deals with the production, managing the vineyard, the cellar and the vinegar cellar.

Patrizia is more concerned with the commercial side, the shop and the reception.

Without forgetting Cristian who has been working with us since 2012 and gives us a big hand both in the countryside and in the cellar including events and fairs.

The vineyards

Our vineyards are located in the plains between the towns of Castelfranco Emilia and San Cesario sul Panaro.

The typical characteristics of the soil where our vineyards are planted are for the first medium clay loam layer, while deeper they are formed by a layer of gravel with abundant presence of groundwater.

Our vines were converted from the old semi-ray systems into the more modern form of Double Spurred Cordon (GDC) farming in 2001.

Organic Grapes

Since we took over the reins of the company, we immediately adhered to the disciplinary of Integrated Lotta.

After 3 years of conversion, from 2020 we fully adhere to Organic.

We live immersed in nature every day, we believe in the importance of a more natural environment without the addition of substances of artificial chemical origin.

“We are guests on this earth and a polite guest tries not to leave dirt as he passes” </ strong>

Organic, while requiring a lot of effort and attention, allows us to grow products that are more respectful of nature using fertilizers and products of natural origin, exploiting nature itself as an element to combat adversities such as beneficial insects, abolishing the use of pesticides and herbicides. .

The Cellar

The new cellar, built in 2015, is an environment that uses current materials and technologies adapted to a traditional philosophy.

We have chosen to work our wines according to the Classic Method and natural refermentations in the bottle.

For this reason, in the cellar you will not find large wine vessels and autoclaves, but steel tanks suitable for our processing method.

We also have ceramic tanks and wooden barrels for the most particular productions.

Always with an eye towards the environment, we have installed a photovoltaic system for the self-consumption production of electricity, as well as recovery tanks for washing water to be used for irrigation.

The Acetaia

Our traditional vinegar factory was born following the typical custom of the Modenese families at the end of the 70s.

At the time our family only had a few batteries of barrels for our use or, as per tradition, to give to loved ones. Then over time the vinegar cellar expanded.

In 2007 we created the new vinegar factory, always respecting tradition, but technologically innovative.

Until 2009 where we acquired the DOP certification.

We produce Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP in the two aging versions:

Refined, with at least 12 years of aging

Extravecchio, with at least 25 years of aging in wooden barrels.